Adderall Alternatives – Nearly as Good as the Real Thing

ADHD is one of the most over – and – under diagnosed disorders that many suffer with. Whilst recognized, there is a combination of alternatives options with the intention to assist the patient with managing their disorder and gaining control. We often hear about Adderall and Ritalin to deal with ADHD, however, there are several different options that may be appropriate depending on the severity and if there are other issues or problems are a concern.

What is Adderall? Adderall treatment helps with consciousness and staying alert. It helps with paying attention, staying focused on work or a hobby — and to manage behavior issues. It may also assist you to organize your responsibilities and enhance listening competencies. Adderall is a remedy for ADHD that is available as a conventional, however, this stimulant can also cause sleep disorders. Adderall works with the aid of altering certain herbal substances inside the brain. An advantageous aspect of this drug is that it is able to assist with staying on task and getting prepared.

Although, this drug can cause sleeping problems; it is used as a treatment for certain sleep disorders — one being narcolepsy. This works by supporting you to stay awake throughout the course of the day.

Below are several alternatives that may be prescribed to patients depending on the need for the alternatives and what behavior or concerns are addressed before prescribed any of the alternatives. However, if you aren’t interested in alternatives, you can buy Adderall online instead.

Ritalin enables to enhance consciousness and staying alert. Ritalin is one of the first alternatives for Adderall; however, this medicine needs to be taken more frequently than any of the alternative options. That is the first option to Adderall because it is reasonably priced and powerful. For sufferers in counseling, this drug is used alongside other non-drug treatment options as a remedy plan. Ritalin is prescribed as both an extended-release and immediately-release drugs, as a chewable pill, and in liquid form. This drug is a safer choice that is usually used by the elderly with ADHD or people who are afflicted by narcolepsy.

Ritalin downsides

Ritalin is different than other Adderall alternative medications because you have to take 2 to 3 times a day. A side effect of this drug, that should be monitored by your doctor, is an increase in blood pressure and pulse. This drug is not recommended for those with heart problems. If Ritalin is given to children and teens, it could affect growth in some cases.

Strattera improves attention span and increases alertness. Strattera is not a stimulant, but it is surprisingly an advocated treatment for ADHD and a regularly prescribed alternative to Adderall. This drug is commonly used for patients that are afflicted by ADHD with social phobias or bedwetting. Strattera is prescribed as a tablet and may be used in conjunction with other non-drug remedies.

Strattera downside

Strattera is a second-line medication and is not the first choice among prescribers because it is not a stimulant. This is also a brand name drug, which will incur an expensive bill when prescribed.

Focalin enhances staying focused and staying alert. Focalin is another Adderall alternative and is a remedy for ADHD that may increase insomnia and other side effects. Focalin is utilized with counseling or different non-drug treatments to deal with ADHD. Focalin is prescribed as an immediate-release tablet or an extended-release tablet pill. For the ones that don’t like swallowing capsules, the drugs can be opened and located in water or blended with soft meals.

Focalin downside

Focalin has to be taken in the morning and early afternoon otherwise this drug can cause insomnia in some of its patients. Focalin is known to be an abused drug. In order to prevent that, this drug must be kept in a locked area.

Vyvanse aids with consciousness and staying alert similar to Adderall. Vyvanse is a remedy for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, but that is a brand name drug, that includes a hefty price tag. This drug is available in a capsule form that can be blended with beverages or smooth ingredients or as a chewable pill.

Vyvanse downsides

Vyvanse can cause sleeplessness if not taken in the morning as prescribed. There is no generic version of this drug, which in turns becomes an expensive treatment to prescribe to patients. Vyvanse is also a drug that is known to be an abused drug that can cause heart conditions in adults and weight loss in children.

Provigil improves alertness and mimics the behavioral changes that Adderall provides. Provigil is effective at reducing immoderate sleepiness that incorporates sleep disorders, however, should not be used for long-term use and in particular not in cases where you need to sleep during the day. Provigil is in the non-stimulant medication group but is known as a widespread drug, which means the price for it less expensive.

Provigil downsides

Provigil is not intended for long-term use because of the unintentional or intentional habit forming that some patients display — similar to what has been said about Adderall as well. Those with liver problems should not choose this drug to combine with their treatment plan. This is drug is not recommended for women who are on birth control or who are breastfeeding.

Desoxyn increases awareness and lose weight, but is not a popular alternative to Adderall. Desoxyn effectively treats ADHD and obesity, but should not be used for long-time period remedy. This drug is a primary-choice treatment for ADHD in both adults and children alike.

Desoxyn downsides

Desoxyn is known as a drug that can cause physical dependency and withdrawal symptoms if stopped suddenly. Desoxyn has will decrease your appetite, but only for the first few weeks.

Kapvay treats deficit hyperactivity and is highly recommend as an alternative to Adderall after Ritalin. Kapvay is one of the few drug treatments for ADHD that is not always a stimulant and no longer addictive, but it does have the capability of lowering your blood pressure. Kapvay is also a treatment pan for blood strain and for those who suffer from nervous system issues and psychiatric conditions.

Kapvay downsides

Kapvay may cause dizziness, drowsiness and a lowered blood pressure. If you suddenly stop Kapvay, it can increase your blood pressure and your heartbeat. Kapvay does not come in a chewable tablet or quick release capsule; therefore, it has to be swallowed whole.