How to Get Adderall with a Prescription at the Lowest Price

Adderall is a prescription medication created for the treatment of ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The drug is prescribed by physicians for both adults and children and is classified as a stimulant for the central nervous system. The expected results are an improvement in organization, attentiveness, and performance for individuals with a chronic inability to retain focus. For any individuals wondering how to get an Adderall prescription, the first step is making an appointment to consult with a physician.

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Understanding the Symptoms

Prior to consulting with a physician regarding a prescription, it is important to understand the symptoms of ADHD, and how often they are experienced. The symptoms include:

  • An inability to see small details
  • Becoming easily distracted by chores or tasks by stimuli such as people, smells, and noises
  • The frequent inability to be unable to complete a task prior to beginning another one
  • The inability to retain enough focus to complete a task
  • Chronic forgetfulness
  • Chronic procrastination
  • Chronic disorganization
  • Frequent impatience
  • The need to constantly interrupt others when speaking
  • Difficulty staying focused, or remaining on one subject when in a social situation
  • Excessive fidgeting, usually when sitting down

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The Severity of the Symptoms

An individual must decide if their symptoms are severe enough to warrant a prescription for Adderall. Most individuals have trouble focusing their attention to a certain degree at times. This is common when trying to focus on an uninteresting or dull task for a long period of time. Even though they do not have ADHD, a lot of students seek out a prescription for Adderall them help them with the completion of their studies and various assignments. Having the mind wander occasionally is normal, and there are numerous ways to improve performance and concentration without an Adderall prescription. Regular exercise is an excellent alternative, and can sometimes focus the attention span well enough medication is no longer required.

The Differences Between Need and Want Regarding an Adderall Prescription

It is important to understand the difference between an individual who wants medication, and someone who has symptoms so severe their ability for proper functioning within society is being interrupted. An Adderall prescription is meant for the person who truly requires the medication, not for someone who simply wants it. The best possible way to make this determination is by honestly judging the severity of the symptoms.

Talking to a Physician About a Prescription for Adderall

The place to start is with an appointment to speak with a psychiatrist. As a professional in mental health, they have the authority to write an Adderall prescription. A psychologist is not legally able to prescribe any medications for their patients. Most physicians and healthcare professionals will provide a recommendation for a physiatrist, along with good references. It may be necessary to meet with more than one physiatrist before finding one with the right fit and comfort level.

Discussing the Effects of an Adderall Prescription Regarding Any Symptoms

All concerns and questions should be discussed with the physician. Explain to the doctor the reasons for making an appointment. Provide a thorough description of the symptoms, the frequency of occurrence, the level of severity, and how long they have persisted. To make the correct diagnosis, the doctor will ask numerous questions. There will be several key points the physician is looking for. Since most doctors believe individuals are born with ADHD, the length of time the symptoms have been experienced is critical regarding receiving a prescription for Adderall. The symptoms must be of a high enough severity they have become detrimental to the well-being of the individual.

It is important to be both thorough and honest. The doctor must have all the information to provide the individual with the best and correct treatment. Be upfront about wanting a prescription for Adderall. Most physicians realize not all of their patients have an interest in medication, so letting them know you prefer medication over the possibility of another treatment option is extremely important. Depending on the doctor, it may be best to simply say medication, and not specifically an Adderall prescription. Explain the symptoms are so severe, the only option for treatment is medication. This should not be said unless it is the truth.

The Prescription Warnings

Adderall contains amphetamines, and this is often habit-forming. The prescription for Adderall must only be taken for the individual it was written for. On a general basis, children and adolescents should not take stimulant drugs. This is also true for adults diagnosed with cardiovascular abnormalities including cardiomyopathy or arrhythmia. The illness can become worse if this type of medication is used. There are numerous long-term and short-term side-effects linked to a prescription for Adderall. The short-term side-effects include nausea, difficulty sleeping, headaches, a decrease in appetite, weight loss and nervousness. The Long-term side-effects include seizures, fatigue, shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat.