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This article highlights the drug Adderall, a treatment of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), the price range at various pharmacies, ingredients, and side effects.

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What is the Drug Adderall

Adderall contains the drugs, amphetamine, and dextroamphetamine. These two drugs together in tablet or capsule form affect the central nervous system in the brain that contributes to hyperactivity and impulse actions. Adderall is also used for the treatment of narcolepsy.

This drug can be addictive, especially in adults with a tendency toward alcohol abuse, or affect people with heart issues, high blood pressure or seizures. For best results, remember to take as directed by your physician.

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Adderall has also become a study companion for students to increase focus and study for exams. Unfortunately, this drug has also become a party treat and misused as a recreational drug for mental stimulation. Misuse of this medication can cause health complications, therefore, for best results only take Adderall as directed by your physician. If you feel the prescription dosage is not adequate, contact your doctor and schedule an appointment to have your medications checked. Adderall is available for purchase online but requires a doctor’s medical prescription to purchase.

Feedback on Generic Brands of Adderall

It has been reported by prescription users of Adderall their preference of brands does not include the pink pill manufactured by Banraxy Pharmaceuticals. There have been many complaints that the reactions to this drug are heightened and have a totally different reaction than other brands of Adderall. Users report that the orange Adderall pill is true to the expected results of Adderall but not the pink tablet.

Adderall Pricing, Pharmacies and Online Purchases

Adderall XR (Amphetamine Sale Combo XR) generic brands are covered by some Medicare insurance coverage and can be used in conjunction with discount coupons.

The following is the reported pricing for the pharmacies listed below. Many of the pharmacies listed offer a “Get Free Coupon” button on the website listed below. Since this drug is a controlled medication, not all pharmacies accept the coupons offered. It is better to call the pharmacy and speak to someone in the pharmaceutical department regarding pricing, discounts, insurance coverage, and coupons.

Adderall XR (Amphetamine salt combo XR generic) – 30 capsule pricing follows:

  • Walgreens Pharmacy $67.86 – (With Discount Drug Card available on line*)
  • Target (CVS) $73.97 – (Best Free Coupon**) – Est. Cash Price $177.00 – Not purchased online
  • Costco $80.90 – (Best Free Coupon**) – Not purchased online
  • Safeway $80.90 – (Best Free Coupon**) – Est. Cash Price $192.00 – Not purchased online
  • CVS Pharmacy $84.67 – (Best Free Coupon**) – Est. Cash Price $181.00 – Not purchased online
  • Kroger Pharmacy $84.86 – (Best Free Coupon**) – Est. Cash Price $207.00 – Not purchased online
  • Albertsons $103.26 – (Best Free Coupon**) – Est. Cash Price $174.00 – Not purchased online
  • Rite-Aid $154.82 – (Best Free Coupon**) – Est. Cash Price $200.00 – Not purchased online
  • Walmart $167.05 – (Free Discount Drug Card available on line*) – Not purchased online

*Discount Drug Card – Online Coupon – Printable

**Discount Drug Coupon – Online Coupon – Printable

Purchasing this drug may take a little research. Since the popularity of Adderall has grown in recent years, pharmacies have a difficult time keeping an adequate supply of the various generic brands stocked.

Best Process For Filling Adderall Prescriptions

  • Talk to your physician and get recommendations of what generic brands of the drug are recommended. Ask your physician to add the preferred generic brands to the prescription for pharmacy clarity
  • Do your due diligence by checking online pharmacies information for Adderall and availability of specific generic brands.
  • Make a note of pharmacies who process prescriptions for this drug as they may have an adequate supply on-the-shelf more often than other pharmacies.
  • Start with the pharmacy you frequent most often. Call your pharmacy for the accessibility of the drug. Possibly online pharmacies are available when an adequate supply of the medication is ordered. Possibly your physician has a recommended resource that manages adequate supplies of the drug.
  • Verify acceptance of coupons
  • Confirm the insurance company or Medicare portion of the cost covered
  • Check with your insurance company to see if the 3-month option via USPS delivery will save you money and ensure delivery.

As with all medications and to ensure the best results you must take the medication exactly as directed by your physician, do not share this medication as it could have adverse effects on different people, or interfere with medication already in a person’s system.